Something You Can't Erase EP

by Quone

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released October 22, 2016

On this release, Quone was:

Abby Choruby - Vocals
Dan Prewitt - Guitar/Vocals
Liam Spring - Guitar/Vocals
Lucy Stofiel - Bass/Vocals
Tony Vilorio - Drums/Vocals

Performed by Quone.
All songs produced by Quone.
Recorded at Samarei Studios in Vancouver, WA.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Sam "Samarei" Waldo.
All lyrics written by Abby Choruby, Dan Prewitt and Tony Vilorio.



all rights reserved


Quone Portland, Oregon

Portland OR.

Dan, Lucy, Liam, Tony.

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Track Name: A Medical Term
Embracing embarrassment and reveling in drunkenness.
Dependent on no certainty but fading out in obscurity.
Watch me go back on my words again promising you won't see me like this.

You tried so hard, I got red in the face.
Somethings take time.
Somethings you can't erase and they don't fade away.

Self centered uncertainty. Relying on informalities.
Taking all and giving back none.
Crash and burn to soak up the sun.
With one firm grasp I toss away the trust that you once placed in me so much.
Track Name: Disconnect // I Want My $2 Back
It starts with a glance at the screen, it removes us from our reality. It simply seems this is our generations mentality. To stare at our phones and not realize we're getting old and missing all these moments of fate simply so we have opportunities to update. Growing up on the screen, and tapping away like fiends. Craving to get our fill of posting but it's petty chances at boasting.


If nobody cares what we have to say, what's the point of singing anyway? A quiet room, a catchy tune.
Empty words to fill the space.

I'm tired of hearing nothing. Say something or make me believe.
There's more to this, than look at me.
Track Name: Contrail
Celebrate the blank canvas. Nothing new about being brushed off. Grey and beige separate us. The colors in the clouds and the backdrop you're around.

I know how it's bright out there all of the time.
The cold from the wind here keeps my heart alive.
If only we mixed, and didn't collide.

Paint over. Get a fresh batch of color.
A clearer view, a start that's new, where you don't speak of your failures.
I'll never get the picture I want to see if I don't let myself be happy.

Had to throw it out again. Remove recycled images from inside my head. Perfection disappointed me. Washed it out, exposed and sun bleached.
Track Name: Bania
The bridges call the vultures.
They migrate and don't care about the poor they displace.
It's part of our entitled culture, to buy out the silence of histories at stake.

All their stories erased. (Being forced out)
In concrete now encased. (Being priced out)
Build balconies. Repave the streets. Childhood left to waste.
Track Name: Something You Can't Erase
Go ahead and cut me down if that's what makes you feel stronger. Well, I've been through this before and I won't take your shit much longer.

Don't tell me to smile, not one more time.
You're not taking what is mine, and this is your last sign.

I think it's clear to see that we all want to be something.
Now the air is fresh, it fills my chest and I can finally get some rest.

You're placed on a pedestal and we're expected to fit your standard. Well, I'm here to kick the legs. Oh please just give us all a fucking break.

I'm just trying to find my own space, something that I know that you can not erase. Don't tell me to calm down. Calluses aren't comforting especially when they're all over me. These words we etch into the back of your head.